Ever wondered about the best neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon? Picture yourself strolling through tree-lined streets, past historic Victorian homes and vibrant art districts. Imagine indulging your taste buds at boutique restaurants or food trucks serving up local favorites.

If this sounds good to you, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to take you on a virtual tour of Portland’s most loved neighborhoods, from Laurelhurst to the Pearl District and beyond. Let’s get started!

Portland Oregon Neighborhood

The Best Neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon

On the hunt for a new place to call home? Portland is hard to beat. With its thriving food scene, easy access to outdoor activities, and friendly vibe, it’s no wonder so many people are moving here. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Portland:


In the Laurelhurst area, you’ll experience a sensation of journeying back to an earlier era with its tranquil roads and classic homes. Also, you can rest assured that it has top-rated public schools, too.

Goose Hollow

A stone’s throw from downtown Portland is Goose Hollow. This bustling area offers everything from quaint single-family homes to trendy apartment buildings right next door. Don’t forget there are plenty more neighborhoods, each offering something unique, whether that’s ice cream shops or rose gardens.

Pearl District

Living in the Pearl District in Portland offers a vibrant urban experience with its mix of modern condominiums, trendy boutiques, and renowned dining options. The neighborhood’s iconic warehouse-turned-lofts provide a unique industrial-chic atmosphere, while its proximity to parks and the Willamette River offers a perfect balance between city living and outdoor recreation. With its lively street art scene and a strong sense of community, the Pearl District is a wonderful place to call home in the heart of Portland.

Nob Hill

Nob Hill is famous for its well-preserved Victorian houses that add to the neighborhood’s allure. Take a walk around Nob Hill, and you’ll be captivated by its stunning architectural magnificence. This area, also known as the Alphabet District, is famous for well-preserved Victorian homes that give it an irresistible allure. If boutique shops are your thing, then this Portland neighborhood won’t disappoint.

Alberta Arts District

Portland’s artistic culture is best found in the Alberta Arts District. This vibrant neighborhood is a hotbed for creativity and culture. Stroll down Alberta Street, and you’ll find an array of art galleries displaying works from local talents. These spaces give artists in the district a platform to showcase their passion, fostering a sense of community among residents. This district is also home to diverse dining options that will satisfy any foodie’s palate.


Set in the heart of SE Portland, Hawthorne District offers a vibrant blend of vintage charm and modern allure. The neighborhood radiates an irresistible hipster vibe with its unique array of shops and eateries. As you stroll down Hawthorne Boulevard, every step reveals something new to discover. Quirky thrift stores neighbor independent bookshops, while theaters showcase indie films alongside Hollywood blockbusters. This district has it all: diversity in shopping options, incredible eats, and affordable living right near downtown Portland.

Portland Neighborhood

FAQs About Portland Neighborhoods

Here are some frequently asked questions about Portland, Oregon:

What part of Portland is best to live in?

The Pearl District and Nob Hill are top choices for their vibrant lifestyle, great amenities, and historic charm. Of course, the best neighborhood will be different for everyone. 

What are the nicer parts of Portland, Oregon?

Nicer areas include Laurelhurst with its serene park and historic homes or Goose Hollow, which is near downtown.

Where do the rich live in Portland, Oregon?

Affluent folks often settle in neighborhoods like Nob Hill due to its Victorian homes and easy access around town.

St. Johns Neighborhood

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Portland, Oregon, is more than just a metropolitan area; it’s an unforgettable experience. Each of its best neighborhoods offers unique features that make them stand out. Remember this guide as your compass when exploring all corners of Portland!

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