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Gresham Moving Tips You Need for Your Upcoming Move

Your upcoming move doesn’t have to be a burden. There are plenty of things you can do to help ease the stress of your move and ensure things go smoothly.

At Priestley & Sons, we offer Gresham moving services, as well as long-distance moving and storage services. We’re experts when it comes to packing and moving. In this article, you’ll learn a handful of fantastic tips that will help you whether you are moving down the street or several states away.

If you are a Gresham moving client, you’ll love these tips! Be sure to read our other articles posted on our Blog Page for even more tips that will help you when you move to or from the metro area.

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Our Top Gresham Moving Tips

Whether you’re moving two miles or 200 miles, the best thing you can do to help your move go smoothly is to properly prepare. Here’s how to get started!

1 – Create a Moving Checklist

Preparation is the name of the game when it comes to moving. A checklist is a great way to keep all of your tasks organized. You can easily see what has been done and what is left unfinished. A checklist also makes it easier to delegate tasks to your spouse, roommates, children, or other family members.

2 – Pack in Small Increments

It is easy to become overwhelmed at even just the thought of having to pack up all your belongings. The best way to avoid the stress of packing is to take care of it in small time frames. For example, you can schedule 1 hour a day to devote entirely to packing and then stop. After a couple weeks, you will be surprised at how much progress you’ve made.

3 – Don’t Overpack — or Underpack Your Moving Boxes

It is wise to pack your moving boxes ‘just right.’ You don’t want to waste space by underpacking and you want to avoid stuffing the boxes to the point where they are impossibly heavy or bursting at the seams.

4 – Only Pack Items You Want To Keep

Make your packing load lighter by getting rid of items you no longer use. Hold a garage sale or donate unwanted possessions to charity. Use or donate bulky foods like canned goods if they’re crowding your pantry.

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5 – Use Labeled Boxes

If you’re doing your own packing be sure to box and label everything before moving day. Clearly label each box on the outside using a sharpie marker or some other kind of tracking system. Also, be sure to mark any boxes that may contain fragile items or need to be handled with care.

6 – Invest in High-Quality Moving Boxes

If you are like most households, you probably have an extra cardboard box or two left over from deliveries or other purchases. While some boxes are high-quality enough to be recycled and used for your move, you may want to consider purchasing boxes that are brand new.

A recycled box is more likely to collapse or break once you start filling it with your items. Don’t hesitate to invest in brand-new boxes for your move to avoid the hassle of weak boxes.

7 – Bundle Anything Breakable

It can be helpful to bundle fragile items into their own boxes. You want to avoid having breakable items in every box. Rather, you can minimize the risk of damages by allocating a box or two to your most precious and most breakable items.

8 – Pack an Essentials Bag

This is one tip you definitely shouldn’t ignore. No matter how far away you are moving, you need to make sure you pack an essentials bag. This will look similar to what you might pack in a suitcase for a vacation.

Having several sets of clothes, medications, hygiene items, and other daily essentials all in one spot will save you a great deal of stress as you travel and settle into your new place. An essentials bag will also give you the chance to relax for a few days and live out of one bag, rather than scramble to find everything you need for your first few nights of your move.

9 – Hire A Trustworthy Moving Company

Be wary of unlicensed moving groups. In Oregon, moving companies must be licensed by the Oregon Department of Transportation. A fully licensed and insured company like Priestley and Sons can safely take care of all your packing and moving needs.

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