Portland Residential Moving Services

We are here to make your move painless and worry-free. We are licensed, bonded, professional, and have decades of experience. We are ready to move you!

Residential Moving Services in Portland Oregon
Residential Moving Services in Portland Oregon

LOCAL MOVING SERVICES | Portland, Gresham, & More

Ready to make a move? Priestley & Sons is here to make it smooth and worry-free. Whether you’re moving from a family home in Tualatin, a ranch-style home in Gresham, or a loft in the Pearl District, Priestley & Sons is the top Portland moving service to call.

Priestley & Sons understands that moving can be stressful, so we make sure that all of our staff members are properly trained to pack and transport your belongings. You can be sure that every aspect of your move will be handled with professional quality and the utmost care.

All of our movers are professionally trained and required to be background checked by law. You can rest easy knowing that our trusted team will see your move through from beginning to end with professionalism, integrity, and trustworthiness. Our clients can always expect superior customer service and efficient, high-quality work.

As the top moving service in Gresham, Lake Oswego, and the greater Portland metro area, we work to help homeowners of all kinds move from one city to another. We’ll travel to meet you anywhere you are in the region and ensure that your move goes smoothly.

We know that going to a new home is overwhelming enough without having to worry about transporting all of your personal items on your own. With our Gresham moving services, you can count on our team to get your belongings from point A to point B as quickly as possible with no damages.

Top Tips for Moving Locally

At Priestley & Sons, we have moved countless residents from one city to another, including Gresham, North Portland, Lake Oswego, Tualatin, Canby, and elsewhere in the state. Even if you are only moving a couple of miles away, this can still require a great deal of effort. For those moving locally, we’ve compiled these top tips to help ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible:

1. Start Packing Early

Even if you are just making a short move down the street or to the next town over, you will still need to pack all of your belongings and see to it that they are safe for transport. The best way to prevent the last-minute stress of packing is to start as soon as possible. We have found that a lot of our customers don’t realize just how extensive and time-consuming packing can be. That is why we recommend starting as soon as possible before your moving date arrives.

2. Get Rid of Unwanted Items and Junk

Moving is the perfect time to declutter and get rid of items you no longer want. While you are organizing your home to prepare for packing, consider making a pile for items you don’t need. It is better to declutter now, rather than haul a bunch of unwanted items with you to your new home.

3. Label All of Your Boxes by Room

If you end up boxing your items by yourself, be sure to label each box so you know what rooms they all belong to. While this may seem like a simple task, it can make a world of difference when you arrive at your new home and start to unpack.

4. Communicate with Your Movers

If you choose to work with a moving service like Priestley & Sons, know that we are always happy to discuss any concerns or problems you may be having. If you need an extra day of services or have a schedule change that needs to be worked out, we can help. No matter what moving problems you are facing, we guarantee we have the solutions. Just give us a call at any time!

5. Plan Ahead

With in-state moves, you don’t have as much to worry about compared to those leaving the state. However, you will still need to coordinate and plan ahead to some extent. Long before your official move date arrives, make sure to plan for children and pets to be watched while the process is underway so they do not get hurt or run off of your property.

6. Ask for Additional Help

Maybe you initially planned on packing up your belongings and boxing them yourself, only to find that you are running out of time. There is no harm in asking for help. When you work with our crew at Priestley & Sons, we can help pack, box-up, and transport all your belongings. We help homeowners during every phase of the process and are eager to help you, too!


When you’re packing for a local or long-distance move, it’s easy to run out of space for your belongings. Allow Priestley & Sons to step in with the right solution: storage, that is! 

We can accommodate both long-term and short-term stays, giving you peace of mind knowing that your household items are in trusted hands until you’re ready to bring them to your home. Simply tell us which items we’ll be transporting to one of our secure storage units in Portland (which are available only to our customers), and we’ll take care of everything.


From packing to transporting your office essentials, we have you covered. Our commercial moving team will utilize the utmost care as we pack up your business place and help you relocate to your new location.

Business moves can be just as stressful as residential moves–if not more–especially if you don’t have a good moving team in your corner. Fortunately, you can trust that Priestley & Sons’ dependable Gresham movers are here for you–from packing the first box to unloading the last.


Priestley & Sons employs experienced estimators who are happy to provide you with a free in-home estimate. For a direct quote, please call or email us.

The moving of residential goods within Oregon is a regulated service. Only companies authorized by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) can provide service to the public at approved rates.

This regulation protects the public from inflated, unfair, and illegal rate hikes and requires companies to be legitimate, licensed, and insured professionals.

Priestley & Sons is an authorized moving company (State of Oregon #142126, State of Washington #HG062908, US Department of Transportation #103323).


2 Professional Movers and Truck, local move, all equipment included


4 Professional Movers and 1 Truck, local move, all equipment included


Each Additional Mover add to hourly rate, decreases total move time

Long Distance weight measurement

Please Call


3 Professional Movers and Truck, local move, all equipment included


4 Professional Movers and 2 Trucks, local move, all equipment included


Each Additional Vehicle add to hourly rate, decreases total move time

Note: There is a 2 hour minimum for service on Monday-Friday and a 5 hour minimum for service on Weekends and Holidays.

LARGE FURNITURE TRANSPORT | Portland, Gresham & More

Priestley & Sons has an experienced crew of workers that can assist with all the heavy lifting. We know that relocating involves more than just transporting boxes — your family may have large furniture, decorations, or instruments that need to be shipped safely and in one piece.

We take great care when helping our customers move large items and furniture. No matter how heavy, awkward, or difficult it may be to transport certain items, we guarantee a smooth process from start to finish.

Here are just some of the larger items we can help transport:

  • Large sectional couches
  • Recliners and loveseats
  • Bed frames
  • China cabinets
  • Large hutches & bookcases
  • Home & gun safes
  • Pianos


Whether you are moving 50 miles or 500 miles, Priestley & Sons can handle your move in the lower 48 states. We can take care of your move from door to door. Let us handle packing, loading, driving, and unloading at your new destination.

Moving from state to state can bring about a lot of stress. And while we can’t eliminate all the stress, we can at least eliminate any stress you might be feeling about transporting your belongings. Leave it to our crew to get you loaded up and ensure your belongings arrive where you need them.

Contact our movers in Gresham now to discuss your upcoming move. We have experienced team members on staff that are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. From beginning to end, we will ensure that your belongings are safe and well taken care of. We offer exceptional services so that you and your family can enjoy the transition into your new home.

Top Tips for Long Distance Moving

Long-distance moves are some of the most stressful experiences, but that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t do several things to make life a little easier during this time. When we help residents move out of the Portland metro area to other locations in the lower 48 states, we notice that the following tasks can help families better manage their moves:

1. Start Packing Early

Just like with local moving, you should also start packing up as soon as possible if you are moving long-distance. You can save your family a lot of stress and frustration by giving yourself as much time as you can to gather and pack your things.

2. Keep Important Items with You

Before you hit the road and head for your new home, you will want to ensure that important items are kept with you in a backpack or handbag. Medications, sentimental items, checkbooks, and other items should be kept close by, rather than in the back of the moving van, accidentally tucked away between your glassware and crockpot.

3. Communicate with Your Movers

Good communication is key. Always keep your movers informed if there are any changes to your plans or schedule. We are always prompt and professional when it comes to schedule changes and ensuring that you get from your old home to your new one without a hitch.

4. Ask for Additional Help

Due to the stress of long-distance moving, you may want to have our movers in Portland help with packing right from the start. Taking this major item off of your to-do list can help alleviate a great deal of stress. If you initially planned on packing all of your items on your own, you may want to reconsider and have our team in the Portland and Gresham areas take the weight off of your shoulders.

Work with Our Team Today!

If you need moving services in Gresham, Portland, Lake Oswego, or any other local city, Priestley & Sons is your go-to moving company. For decades, we have been the trusted service that residents in the Portland metro area prefer. Call our team now at (503) 661-7920.


“Teresa, Thank you so very much for sending Robert, Kameron, Andrew and David to my home to move our large items last week. The professionalism shown by your crew was incredible! They made what could have been a very trying day into a pleasure. They were quick, effecient, and very nice to work with. Thanks again!”

-Debra and Jon, SE Portland, OR

“We had Priestly and Sons relocate my Mother into an assisted living apartment. Robert and Cameron arrived on time and checked in with facility staff on how to access the apartment and started the move. They worked quickly and efficiently with no impact to other elderly residents. After my Mothers furniture and belongings were relocated they loaded up the truck with the excess furniture and delivered it to a couple our relatives. It was a long day with a lot of milk run type stops to drop off this and that. The two guys were very courteous and pleasant for the entire day. Most all of our family uses Priestly for their moves and in our extended family there has never been a discouraging word about the Priestly company or employees. Job well done Robert and Cameron.”

-Doug J.

“I am so pleased and impressed with the move efforts & performance by the Priestley team, including the initial contact, the from-to move site visit, and the actual move itself. The movers - Robert, Zach, & Matt Z. were fantastic! They were curious, professional and committed to make the move go without a hitch. Everything was perfect and most importantly, there was no damages of any type. A great experience and I would highly recommend Priestly & Sons for your moving needs.”

-Jim N.

“It has taken me too long to give a review. I'm still up to my neck in boxes. But I really wanted to share how fabulous these guys were to work with. So very professional, and also just all-around nice guys. I really felt that my things were in good and capable hands, and nothing was damaged at all. I really appreciated the way they taped the boxes up with the edges of the tape a little loose. Seems an odd thing that I would mention that, but that little extra courtesy made it so much easier to unpack the boxes later. I would highly recommend Priestly to anyone considering a move. Thanks, guys!”

-Lesley N.

“By far the best moving experience (& I’ve had quite a few moves unfortunately) but the guys were super quick, thorough, stacked the boxes nicely in my storage & provided several walk ways which no other company has ever done. I definitely feel like they went above and beyond. I tried to get them again & they were booked out too far but I don’t blame them for being busy they rocked. The movers weren’t creepy either like two other local companies I’ve went through. They were just ideal & went above & beyond”

-Jessica R.

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