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At Priestley & Sons Moving, we offer storage unit rentals exclusively to our moving customers. Although we reserve our spaces for those moving, there are plenty of other reasons you may consider a storage unit.

Depending on the stage of life you are in and your family size, you may need to rent a storage unit sooner rather than later. As your family grows, so too will your belongings.

In this article, we’re sharing the top eight reasons homeowners typically opt for a storage unit rental. If you identify with one or more of the eight reasons described below, a storage unit is in your future.

8 Reasons to Consider a Storage Unit Rental


1 – You’re Moving

Moving is the number one reason to rent a storage unit. If you’ve just moved to the area, a storage unit is a great place to keep extra items that may not have found their place in your new home.

While you wait to move into your new home, you may stay with a family member, friend, or in a hotel. A unit may be necessary so that you don’t overwhelm your temporary housing with your belongings.

2 – You Want to Free Up Space

We all have items in our home we could do without, but can’t bear to part with entirely. Acquiring excess furniture after one too many trips to the department store can leave you with mismatched items. Or maybe you are running out of room for your seasonal decor that only makes an appearance once a year.

Freeing up space in your home with a storage unit is great if you want to hang onto certain items but are running out of space to contain it all.

3 – You’re Renovating

Home remodels and renovations can take months. Depending on the size and scope of your home remodel, a storage unit rental is in your best interest. A storage unit will keep your valuables protected while you focus on the remodel.

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4 – You’re Holding Belongings for Someone Else

It is common to have relatives stay with other family members, even if just temporarily. While it can be great to help a relative that is relocating to your area or trying to get back on their feet, there may not be enough space for everyone’s possessions.

You should consider a storage unit rental if you are hosting a family member for an extended period. You will free up a considerable amount of space and help make room for everyone.

5 – You Want to Protect Valuable Items

If you have antique furniture, inherited valuables, or other items you want to protect, but not necessarily keep out in the open all the time, you need a storage unit. The security and relief that you will experience are well worth the cost.

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6 – You Want to Free Up a Room for the Summer

If your child is coming home from college or your parents are visiting for the summer, why not clear out a room entirely? It can be hard for guests to feel ‘at home’ when there isn’t room for them to make it feel cozy and comfortable.

If you are planning to have company soon, consider freeing up space for them by putting unnecessary belongings or furniture in a storage unit.

7 – You’re Getting Married or Divorced

Whether you’re combining two households or splitting one apart, a storage unit can reduce stress significantly. With marriage, you may find that you have a mismatch of items that don’t quite fit together, but you’re not ready to part with these items. A storage unit is a great solution. For those going through a divorce, a storage unit may be necessary if you downsize to a smaller home or apartment.

No matter where life finds you, even temporary storage can be a lifesaver as you transition through a new time.

8 – You Just Had a Baby — or Your “Baby” is Going to College

Welcoming a new baby home is both exciting and terrifying. A storage unit may be necessary before your bundle of joy arrives. As you make room around your home for your new baby, you may find that certain items need to be put away or moved before your due date. A storage unit saves parents stress since their furniture and other items can be safely stored until they are ready to be used again.

Of course, you may also be sending your ‘baby’ off to college or elsewhere to start their adult years in the real world. Empty nesters benefit from storage units because it allows for the safe storage of your adult child’s belongings without getting rid of them.

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How Can I Rent a Gresham Storage Unit Near Me?

If you are moving to or near Gresham, storage unit rentals are best handled by Priestley & Sons. We have been in the moving and storage business for nearly 100 years. Since 1929, local residents and businesses have put their trust in Priestley & Sons — and so can you. If you need a Gresham storage unit, we’ve got you covered!

Contact us at (503) 661-7920 to rent a storage unit today.

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Priestley & Sons offers local and long-distance moving services, packing services, and storage unit rentals. Gresham residents or those looking to move to the metropolitan area can contact us at any time.

Our state-of-the-art Gresham storage units are secure, safe, and available exclusively to our moving customers. If you are moving into a new home and need to rent a storage unit in Gresham, give us a call.

We guarantee to treat your belongings with care and respect. Let us take the stress off your next move by utilizing our storage unit rentals in Gresham.

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“Teresa, Thank you so very much for sending Robert, Kameron, Andrew and David to my home to move our large items last week. The professionalism shown by your crew was incredible! They made what could have been a very trying day into a pleasure. They were quick, effecient, and very nice to work with. Thanks again!”

-Debra and Jon, SE Portland, OR

“We had Priestly and Sons relocate my Mother into an assisted living apartment. Robert and Cameron arrived on time and checked in with facility staff on how to access the apartment and started the move. They worked quickly and efficiently with no impact to other elderly residents. After my Mothers furniture and belongings were relocated they loaded up the truck with the excess furniture and delivered it to a couple our relatives. It was a long day with a lot of milk run type stops to drop off this and that. The two guys were very courteous and pleasant for the entire day. Most all of our family uses Priestly for their moves and in our extended family there has never been a discouraging word about the Priestly company or employees. Job well done Robert and Cameron.”

-Doug J.

“I am so pleased and impressed with the move efforts & performance by the Priestley team, including the initial contact, the from-to move site visit, and the actual move itself. The movers - Robert, Zach, & Matt Z. were fantastic! They were curious, professional and committed to make the move go without a hitch. Everything was perfect and most importantly, there was no damages of any type. A great experience and I would highly recommend Priestly & Sons for your moving needs.”

-Jim N.

“It has taken me too long to give a review. I'm still up to my neck in boxes. But I really wanted to share how fabulous these guys were to work with. So very professional, and also just all-around nice guys. I really felt that my things were in good and capable hands, and nothing was damaged at all. I really appreciated the way they taped the boxes up with the edges of the tape a little loose. Seems an odd thing that I would mention that, but that little extra courtesy made it so much easier to unpack the boxes later. I would highly recommend Priestly to anyone considering a move. Thanks, guys!”

-Lesley N.

“By far the best moving experience (& I’ve had quite a few moves unfortunately) but the guys were super quick, thorough, stacked the boxes nicely in my storage & provided several walk ways which no other company has ever done. I definitely feel like they went above and beyond. I tried to get them again & they were booked out too far but I don’t blame them for being busy they rocked. The movers weren’t creepy either like two other local companies I’ve went through. They were just ideal & went above & beyond”

-Jessica R.

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