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5 Essential Traits Commercial Moving Services Must Have


Within the last few months, our team at Priestley and Sons has noticed an uptick in requests for commercial moving services. It is no surprise, especially with how many companies have opted to move their workforce to remote positions or smaller office buildings. During this difficult transition for many companies and their employees, we are happy to help.

If you are looking for a commercial moving service in Gresham, we are your go-to service. For nearly 100 years, we have been the preferred commercial moving service in Gresham and other surrounding cities. We know what it takes to make a big commercial move happen, which is why we are detailing the five most important traits any commercial moving service should have.

If you are in the Gresham area and need commercial moving services, please contact Priestley and Sons today. We are currently scheduling commercial moving services for our customers in Gresham and other surrounding cities for the 2021 year.

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If you live outside of Oregon and want to make sure you find the right moving service for your company, read on!

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Make Sure Your Commercial Moving Service Has These 5 Traits!

The following traits described below or non-negotiable. Commercial moving services should inhabit a wide variety of traits and skills, however, these are the top five that we have identified that are most important. With something as large and overwhelming as a commercial move, having the right commercial moving service by your side is essential to keep yourself and your workers as stress-free as possible during the transition.

1 – Transparency

The first trait you want to look for in your commercial moving services is honesty. This includes honesty about pricing, the estimated time the move will take, and other factors that are relevant to the move itself.

Transparency is required in the state of Oregon especially when it comes to pricing. Pricing for all commercial moving services is the same, according to Oregon law. This means that one commercial moving service cannot have a different price scale than what is mandated by Oregon state law.

Because the pricing of commercial moving services is regulated by state law in Oregon, you can easily verify if you are being jerked around by a service in the state if their prices are higher than what is mandated by law.

2 – Packing Efficiency

While it is inevitable that most commercial moving services will be able to haul your stuff from one location to another, do not neglect that packing efficiency is critical for the move. Your commercial moving service will not only need to transport your belongings safely, but package them in a way that reduces the risk of damage to your items.

Depending on the nature of your work, (if you are a tech company, for example), it is likely that you will have computers and other expensive equipment that cannot be damaged during the move. From this perspective, you can see why it is so essential for commercial moving services to not only have strong experience movers, but expert packers as well.

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3 – Effective Communication

Moves are complicated whether they are residential or commercial. But it is safe to say that a commercial move is much more expensive and complex compared to a single household move.

In order for all of the pieces and moving parts to coordinate efficiently during your commercial move, it is imperative that you find a commercial moving service that communicates well and often.

Be sure to ask your commercial moving service if they can communicate with you in a way you prefer most. Whether you prefer email, text, or calls, your commercial moving service should be willing to be flexible and communicate with you in a way that is easiest for you as the client.

4 – Storage Options

It is especially important that you find a commercial moving service that offers storage options. Priestley and Sons knows how critical it is to have storage space and a little extra wiggle room during a big move.

We reserve our storage units solely for our moving clients to accommodate larger commercial moves and local residential moves. Knowing that a commercial moving service has ample storage space can help ease your mind when an unexpected lack of space creeps up or you know for sure that your new space will not accommodate all the items your business currently has.

5 – A Detailed Action Plan

Last but not least, your commercial moving service should be organized and think ahead. Having a detailed plan before the first box is even loaded in the truck will help prevent delays and frustrations down the line. Be sure to communicate with your commercial moving service to ensure that you are all on the same page and that you and your employees are well aware of the moving plan and critical dates.

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Priestley & Sons is ready to help with your commercial move in Gresham or elsewhere in the Willamette Valley. For nearly 100 years, we have been the preferred commercial moving service in Gresham. We are proud to assist our friends, neighbors, and local businesses with moving to and from the area. We look forward to working with you and making your upcoming commercial move as smooth as possible!

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