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How-to Make Your Office Move Go Smoothly


As Covid-19 continues to reshape the way we go about our daily lives, an office move may be in your near future. A lot of companies are opting to have their employees work from home permanently, or downsize to a smaller space to save money on their bottom line. Whether you are an employee, business owner, building manager, CEO, or any role in between, there is no doubt that Covid-19 restrictions have changed the way “business as usual” is conducted.

In this article, we’re sharing some helpful tips and tricks that will ensure your office move goes smoothly. Headaches, stress, and sudden mishaps are bound to happen with any large office move, but there are plenty of things you can do to mitigate the challenges.

At Priestley and Sons, we’ve been in business for nearly 100 years. For nearly a century, we’ve encountered office moves of all kinds that require our assistance. No matter the year, time, or place, office moves are inevitable most of the time, even for thriving businesses.

Keep reading to learn how your office move can go off without a hitch!

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5 Tips for Your Next Office Move

Before you dive into your office move with both feet, it is important to set up a plan, organize, and prepare. A little preparation now will pay off in a BIG way down the line. In our experience, the smoothest office move is one that is well planned and thought out.

We know you may not have a lot of notice before your office move, but dedicate a bit of time, if possible, to prepare yourself and your company — and you will be glad you did. Follow the steps below and be sure to reach out to us if you need professional assistance with your office move in Gresham or elsewhere in the metro area.

1 – Appoint a Moving Manager

Whether you appoint yourself or your most trusted employee, there needs to be a single person that is the go-to for your office move. This individual can help coordinate with movers, assign and delegate moving tasks to employees, and take on extra responsibilities. Appointing a moving manager will give an employee the chance to step up and help, while also providing some much needed leadership and direction during your office move.

2 – Assign Individual Tasks

In addition to selecting a moving manager, make sure every employee is clear on the individual tasks they are responsible for. For example, each employee can pack up their own desk and ensure any personal belongings are moved safely to the new location. You can also assign smaller tasks to employees, such as packing up certain rooms, like the break room or conference rooms.

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3 – Connect with I.T.

If you are like every other company, your business runs on wi-fi, computers, and technology in general. Before you pull the plug on your equipment or disconnect the wi-fi, it is imperative that you speak with your I.T. specialist beforehand. Depending on the internet service you use, as well as your equipment, you may need to coordinate with I.T. to make sure all of your equipment and data is safely transferred.

4 – Organize & Label like Crazy

When it comes down to the big day for your office move, you will save yourself a lot of stress by correctly and clearly labeling all of the moving boxes. Knowing at a glance what is inside of each box spares you the frustration of opening or unloading boxes, just to see what they contain. Use a sharpie to clearly label each box. That way, you and your employees, as well as your movers, will have no trouble discerning which box goes where once you arrive at the new location.

5 – Prepare Your Clients Early

Finally, don’t forget to prepare your clients early. Your office move shouldn’t be news to them on the day of, or even shortly before your official move date. No one likes to be caught off guard, so amp up communication at least a month prior to your office move so your clients are on the same page. Consider an email newsletter dedicated to the transition to keep clients updated. You can also post signs on the door or remind your clients in-person if you are able to do so.

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Your office move doesn’t have to be a hassle. Follow the steps explained above and you are sure to get through your office move with few headaches and, perhaps, a bit of enjoyment, too. No matter the reason for your transition, with a few tools, strategies, and a little help, your office move is sure to go off without a hitch!

Priestley & Sons is ready to help with your office move! Whether you are moving down the street to a different office building, or need to pack up in preparation for your workforce to work from home, we’ve got your back!

We make your office move simple, thanks to our trusted, organized, and experienced movers. You’ll be thrilled you enlisted our help to ease the burden of your office move. Let us do the heavy lifting for you! But don’t take our word for it — check out our most recent Google review from one of our local clients:

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In addition to office moves, we also assist local homeowners with residential and long-distance moving services. We also offer storage assistance exclusively to our moving customers to make the journey a bit easier for your residential or office move.

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“Teresa, Thank you so very much for sending Robert, Kameron, Andrew and David to my home to move our large items last week. The professionalism shown by your crew was incredible! They made what could have been a very trying day into a pleasure. They were quick, effecient, and very nice to work with. Thanks again!”

-Debra and Jon, SE Portland, OR

“We had Priestly and Sons relocate my Mother into an assisted living apartment. Robert and Cameron arrived on time and checked in with facility staff on how to access the apartment and started the move. They worked quickly and efficiently with no impact to other elderly residents. After my Mothers furniture and belongings were relocated they loaded up the truck with the excess furniture and delivered it to a couple our relatives. It was a long day with a lot of milk run type stops to drop off this and that. The two guys were very courteous and pleasant for the entire day. Most all of our family uses Priestly for their moves and in our extended family there has never been a discouraging word about the Priestly company or employees. Job well done Robert and Cameron.”

-Doug J.

“I am so pleased and impressed with the move efforts & performance by the Priestley team, including the initial contact, the from-to move site visit, and the actual move itself. The movers - Robert, Zach, & Matt Z. were fantastic! They were curious, professional and committed to make the move go without a hitch. Everything was perfect and most importantly, there was no damages of any type. A great experience and I would highly recommend Priestly & Sons for your moving needs.”

-Jim N.

“It has taken me too long to give a review. I'm still up to my neck in boxes. But I really wanted to share how fabulous these guys were to work with. So very professional, and also just all-around nice guys. I really felt that my things were in good and capable hands, and nothing was damaged at all. I really appreciated the way they taped the boxes up with the edges of the tape a little loose. Seems an odd thing that I would mention that, but that little extra courtesy made it so much easier to unpack the boxes later. I would highly recommend Priestly to anyone considering a move. Thanks, guys!”

-Lesley N.

“By far the best moving experience (& I’ve had quite a few moves unfortunately) but the guys were super quick, thorough, stacked the boxes nicely in my storage & provided several walk ways which no other company has ever done. I definitely feel like they went above and beyond. I tried to get them again & they were booked out too far but I don’t blame them for being busy they rocked. The movers weren’t creepy either like two other local companies I’ve went through. They were just ideal & went above & beyond”

-Jessica R.

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