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What You Need to Know About Professional Movers in Gresham


Since 1929, Priestley & Sons has been a staple in Gresham, OR and surrounding communities. Our professional movers in Gresham are top-notch and we only hire the most qualified individuals to join our team. Thanks to our due diligence and commitment to serving the community, we know what it takes to find and hire the right professional movers in Gresham and elsewhere in the metro area.

Given the unique challenges of the Pacific Northwest, such as heavy wind and rain, it is imperative that families pick the right moving service. Whether you are coming or going, professional movers have several challenges they need to be aware of and work around. Our team has plenty of solutions and experience when it comes to even the most daunting moves. Read on to learn more about the challenges professional movers in Gresham and elsewhere in Oregon face.

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Challenges for Professional Movers in Gresham

Below are the top 5 challenges that professional movers in Gresham typically encounter. Our team is well-acquainted with these potential problems and we work diligently to ensure every move is performed safely.

1 – Narrow Streets

Anyone who has ever visited Gresham knows that there are certain streets or neighborhoods that lack sidewalks or have narrow streets. This lack of space can pose a challenge when large moving trucks are involved. It takes a great deal of strategy, attention-to-detail, and planning to make sure no trees, cars, or other objects are hit during the moving process.
At Priestley & Sons, we strategically and safely navigate narrow streets, ensuring clients and neighbors alike stay safe. Our professional movers in Gresham are local and familiar with various neighborhoods. Before we arrive to help with your move, we will already have a strategy in place if your street is narrow or has limited space.

2 – Older Homes

Older homes inevitably have character — which is great for everyday living, but possibly challenging for a big move. For example, older homes are more likely to have narrow staircases, low ceilings, and tight hallways.

Our professional movers in Gresham use a variety of techniques to safely move your items without scuffing walls, floors, or damaging other belongings. Inexperienced movers are more likely to succumb to the challenges of older homes, rather than overcoming them safely and effectively. With our professional movers in Gresham, you can always count on exceptional attention-to-detail, as well as sensitivity and care for both your items and home.

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3 – Rain — LOTS of Rain

Portland is known for its rainfall nearly year-round. Our professional movers in Gresham are prepared for rain at any time. We take special care to ensure your home remains clean and free of mud and water while we move belongings in or out of your home. Thanks to our experience, we maintain cleanliness without slowing down the moving process. Whether you are coming or going, or professional movers in Gresham make sure your home stays clean, free of debris, and dry.

4 – Traffic

In addition to inclement weather and narrow streets, there are often traffic concerns for some homeowners during their moves. We keep safety as our top priority when dealing with busy streets or rush hour times that may increase traffic in certain areas. With our professional movers in Gresham by your side, you can always count on safe procedures and plenty of solid communication. Every step of the way, we work with you to make sure your move is safe.

5 – Heavy or Awkward Items

This problem is not specific to any location — it is inevitable for virtually every move. Heavy items require training and experience to move safely and awkward items may require strategy or problem-solving skills. This is why hiring professional movers in Gresham through Priestley & Sons is an ideal way to ensure your awkward and/or heavy items are handled with skill and professionalism.

If you need to hire professional movers in Gresham, you know exactly where to find us! We take the challenges described above and turn them into our strengths. No matter how daunting or difficult you think your move may be, we are up for the task! We have the skill and experience needed to make your move to or from Gresham as smooth as possible.

In addition to our expertise with moving, we also offer safe and secure storage services exclusively for our moving clients. Reserving our storage for moving clients only is what makes us stand out from the competition. We know how big of a help a little extra space can be during a move. Ask us about our storage services when you call to schedule your move!

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Professional Movers in Gresham

Priestley & Sons is proud to be one of the top professional movers in Gresham. For nearly 100 years, we have offered superior moving services and storage solutions for those in and around Gresham. We know what it takes to make your move from stressful to stress-free.

Check out any of our Google Reviews and see for yourself what our customers think. Here is what one client had to say about their recent experience with our professional movers in Gresham:

“This is the 3rd time we have used Priestley and Sons! Zack, Brendan, and the crew packed us up in Troutdale, and met us in Bandon, Oregon the next day. Zack and Brendan were excellent! They were on time, friendly, efficient, and took great care with our belongings! Many thanks to Jonathan and Chris as well! I highly recommend this family owned company!”

-Mike K’s 5 Star Google Review

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